Thursday, October 4, 2012


Our forecast for the week called for some freezing temperatures towards the end of the week. It was hard to believe that it was coming considering the fact that I got sunburned Tuesday sitting at the park with the kids. But, the weather man was right and yesterday, it was super cold and Christian even saw snow falling. Because there was supposed to be a frost, we went and helped Christian's mom pick the ripe veggies from the garden. We spent quite a while out in the garden and picked several coolers full of ripe tomates, a couple 5 gallon buckets of peppers, some melons, and the boys got to pick out their pumpkins to carve for Halloween. There are still TONS of tomatoes that weren't quite ripe and LOTS of green tomatoes still out there. We have lots of canning to do now...bring on the salsa and canned tomatoes!
Everyone picking away.

Carson and Travis have had fun all summer using grandpa's hoes to chop up the yucky cucumbers and squash. Travis is hard at work chopping them up!

Landon even got in on some of the work!

Carson checking out the pumpkins to see which one he wants.

Carson's pumpkin!

Travy's tall pumpkin.

We took a time out for a while to sample some of the melons that  were ripe.

Grandma Asay had some pretty impressive bell peppers!

Just a glimpse of some of what we picked. The green cooler is full also!

Landon enjoying a ride on dad's shoulders.


Staci said...

Have fun making salsa! Looks like you got quite the collection. Frost already...I am soooo not ready.