Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Monday night for family home evening, we went to the farm to help Christian's dad brand some of the remaining calves before they trail them to summer pasture this Saturday. Even though we don't help, we really enjoy being out there to watch. We are excited to go into Dry Head this weekend to move cows!
Travis practicing his riding skills to prepare for this weekend.

Christian was in charge of the branding again.

It was a beautiful evening. It cooled down a bit making it bearable (it's been near 100 this week) to be outside.

The guys rounding up some more cows so they could separate the moms and babies.

My tow boys watching the excitement.

Branding away.

Landon was happy as long as he had some fishy crackers to eat.

Landon and Grandma Asay.

Carson being silly on the fence!