Friday, July 27, 2012

Pacific Beach and Old Town

Day three we spent most of the day at the beach...the real beach. We actually started out in the surfing only beach so we had to move down a bit to where we could swim. Carson played in the waves for most of the time. He also became an expert on catching sand crabs. He would wait for the waves to go back out and then he would dig his hands in the sand until he felt one and would grab it. It was funny to watch. He probably caught 30 or more little crabs and had them in his bucket with some sand and water. Travis had fun in the water, but mostly liked digging in the sand and building sand castles. After being at the beach for quite a while we went back to get ready and put the kids down for a nap. That evening, we went into the old part of town, Old Town, and walked around and had some yummy Mexican food.
Carson warming up in the sand.

Megan, grandma and Travis building a castle.

Building away.

My mom made each of the boys a necklace out of the sea weed that  was everywhere. We kept teasing her that it looked like she was braiding her toe hairs!

Braiding away.

Travis and his sea weed necklace.

One of the sand crabs that Carson caught.

This is the bucket that he would put the crabs in. there are like five of them out of the sand near the edge of the bucket.

Feeling for the crabs.

Landon loves the beach too!!

A picture down Pacific Beach.

My sister and I.

Travis and a little boy he met on the beach were digging "toilets" . When they were done, we decided to bury his legs in it.

Me and the boys at Old Town.


Middletonfamily said...

How much fun are you guys having! Awesome! Your boys are such cuties! Say hi to your mom and sister for us!

Megan Foulger Evans said...

Ah so much fun! Lovin the pictures :)