Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Runnin' for a Reason!

Well, we didn't run, but we walked for a GrEaT reason! Last Saturday, our family walked a 2k in a benefit walk, Kerrigan's Run for a Reason, held in memory of my cousin's daughter who passed away. After the 5k run was done (maybe next year we can get our stuff together and run) and the walk was finished, they had some games set up for the kids to play, along with a silent auction and some raffles. We were lucky enough to win two trips, one to West Yellowstone and one to Thermopolis, and a 10 punch card for the Rumble Park out of the raffle! Not bad!  It was great to be with family and to remember this special little girl!

Our family on the 2k walk.
My brother Jason and his girlfriend, Cassie, walking.

Landon enjoying the walk from the stroller.

One of the large groups walking behind us.

Travis and Carson walked most of the way with gpa and gma Foulger.

I could only talk the boys into running for a little bit. They thought it was super cool that the sprinklers were still going and they could get wet.

Travis waiting for the balloon guy to build him a sword.

Travis and his balloon sword.


Emily Asay said...

yay!! u guys are awesome! :)

The Richardsons said...

I hope you don't mind if I steal the photos that you took. I didn't get any of the walk, and you had some great ones! I'm glad you guys had fun and hope you enjoy the trips! Thanks so much for your support!