Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fishing the Big Horns

For family home evening last night, we headed up the Big Horns to do a little fishing with Christian's family.  We  have been wanting to go all summer, so the boys were super excited! Since there is a fire ban, we had chicken, chips and rolls for dinner. The guys fished for a couple of hours and managed to catch around 30 little brookies. They will make for a nice fish fry!
All ready to head out!

Landon and I hung out most of the time or just walked the creek with  the guys.

Fishing away!

The first catch made by Christian.

Following dad!

Landon, Ian, Britt, and Kasi hanging out.

He has such a funny look on his face because he sprayed apple juice in his eye right as i was taking the picture.

Indian Paintbrush flowers.

Grandpa and Grandma Asay were so nice to watch the little ones for a while so the moms could join  the fishing.

Uncle Jacob.

Landon and uncle Jacob hanging out. Landon is quite fond of his uncle Jacob!

Carson enjoying a little pop on top of the big rock.
Don't ask me what  he was doing...maybe he was hungry?

gutting their catches.

Grandma and grandpa Asay.