Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Reindeer Lake fishing

Dock in front of the lodge.
The day before we left to come home from Cali, Christian left for a week long fishing trip to Canada with a seed/chemical company that he works with. He had to leave Lovell by 3 a.m. In order to make it to Billings by five where he met up with the other guys. They drove 880 miles to Reindeer lake where they fished for three days and then had to drive back 880 miles. Christian said that the last 130 miles of the trip into the lake were on a dirt road. Once they made it to the lake, they were met by the guides with a boat who took them by boat to their cabins. Each day there at 7:30 they had nice big breakfasts in the lodge. At eight, they would head out and fish until noon, when they would pull up to shore and eat what they had caught that morning. One afternoon for lunch, they got to have some caribou for lunch. After lunch, they would fish until five and then head back to the lodge for dinner and then would hang out with the group. It sounded like an amazing trip and the fish they caught were huge! Christian had fun and hopes to be able to take the boys somewhere similar when they are older.

This is the cabin Christian slept in.

The guide filleting the fish that the guys caught.  
The catch.

Heading out to fish.

The boat docked during their shore lunch.

Reindeer Lake.

The guides would cook what they caught that morning for lunch along with  fried potatoes and a can of pork and beans

Christian's prized catch! This is a 43" Northern Pike. He caught the biggest one out of all the guys on the trip. Too bad they had to throw back anything over 30"!

Releasing the ginormous Pike.

And then there was one of his littlest Pikes.

They also caught Lake Trout.

And Walleye.

Some of the day's catch.

The boats trying to make their way through some weeds.


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